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The Web3 Social Graph
What CyberConnect aims to build is a publicly accessible and decentralized social graph protocol that returns data ownership and utilities back to Web3 dwellers, while inviting all Web3 social networks and Metaverse projects to scale with us. A blockchain-agnostic infrastructure, CyberConnect supports multiple blockchains for app development and allows Dapps to access and use social graph data provided by users themselves.
Portability + Developer
People are getting tired of registering and re-declaring their friend relationships on every site. This is especially true in web3 where each user's identity is already portable across sites. With a decentralized social graph owned by users instead of platforms, each user is able to leave an app and join a new one without losing any friends or having to migrate everyone. New social applications could all focus on creating and curating the best content and forget about rebuilding the wheels of a social graph database.
From addr to identities
At the dawn of Web3, connecting addresses is just the first step of building a comprehensive decentralized social graph. An address contains only on-chain assets, and it is just a part of a complete identity. A user may have multiple addresses on different blockchains, social profiles such as Twitter, and off-chain data scattered in different applications. Connecting identities is our long-term vision. We've seen multiple endeavors implementing the DID standard, striving for wider adoptions of decentralized identities. The decentralized social graph we desire is an extensive hypergraph, the indispensable building block for prosperous social applications on Web3.
Use cases
See your rank and play with your friends in Web3 games
Get content recommendations based on a personal social graph
Get activity feeds from my followings
Send messages to my mutually followed friends
Cyberconnect protocol

CyberConnect Protocol

Fully decentralized, allowing blockchain users to update and access their own social graphs. A user-friendly API will be built on top of CyberConnect Protocol and application developers can easily integrate and access the whole user generated social graphs on Web3.

Stand Alone Complex

The recommendation algorithm aggregating connection data from open data source such as Ethereum blockchain,, Rarible, and so on. The algorithm will generate a customized *recommended addresses to follow* list for every address. The name Stand Alone Complex comes from a Japanese anime Ghost in the Shell, representing a phenomenon where unrelated, yet very similar actions of individuals create a seemingly concerted effort.
Connected users
Direct-to-address Chat & More
Based on the connection data on CyberConnect, we developed a messaging product to allow users to send messages directly to an Ethereum address. We are also actively working with multiple partners to expand the use cases of CyberConnect.